1 Diagram or  Data

  • Observe the given diagram or data(graphs/ table/chart) and present the information in their own words.
  • Evaluated on the basis of:


  • Ability to organize
  • Present and compare data
  • Describe the stages of  process
  • Describe an object or an event
Letter Writing

  • Candidates are asked to respond by writing a letter (formal/informal/semi formal) depending on a given situation.
  • Evaluated on the basis of :
  • Participate in personal correspondence
  • Bring out and render general factual information.
  • Convey needs,likes and dislikes
  • Express opinions,complaints etc
2 Essay Writing

  • The entrants are presented with a viewpoint,contretemps or arguments.
  • Evaluated on the basis of
  • Ability to put forward solutions to problems
  • Express and justify opinions
  • Compare and differentiate statements
  • Examine and challenge ideas,evidence or arguments.