Academic Listening


  • 4 parts
  • 40 question
  • 40 minutes (30mins + 10 mins)

~This module is the same  for both Academics and General training~

This section consists of 4 parts,each with 10 questions.Section 1 and Section 3 are dialogue and polylogue respectively,However Section 2 and Section 4 are generally monologues. When the first two tasks are concerned with social needs,the last two parts are about circumstances related to educational or training context.

A diversity of questions types ranging from multiple choice,table completion,matching,plan/map/diagram labelling can be observed.

  • The recording is played only once,The candidates are to write the answers as they listen.
  • Once the audio is over,the examinee will be given 10 minutes to transfer their answers to the answer sheet.