CELPIP Reading

Time Duration is 55-60 minutes

Celpip Reading section has four parts. You are given approximately 10 minutes for each part.

Part 1 : Reading correspondence

Part 2: Reading to Apply a Diagram

Part 3 : Reading for information

Part 4 : Reading for view point

Reading correspondence has email as passage on the left and on the right 5-6 questions are asked based on the information in the given email. You are supposed to choose the best option from the drop-down, to answer these questions.There is another part of the answer and in this part email as a response to the given email is written. In this response email again 5-6 drop-downs are given to choose the best one to fill in the blanks in the response email.

In this section, there are four pictures with relevant information about the pics. On the right-hand side, an email is written with fill in the blanks. Now based on the images and information on the left, you will the best option from the drop-down with each of the given blanks.

In reading for information section, there is a passage on the left-hand side. You will read the information in each paragraph carefully. All the paragraphs are named as A, B, C, and D. While reading you have to keep in mind the information given in each paragraph along with the passage name. On the right-hand side of the screen around 9 statements are given, with drop-down menus, having names of all the paragraphs as A to E. You will select from the options, where the option ‘E’ means information is not given in any of the paragraphs.

In this section, an article from a website is given on the left. On the right-hand side, 5 questions are asked about the article, followed by a paragraph in the form of a comment by some visitor on that particular article. In this paragraph, you will fill in the blanks left for you, by selecting the best option from the given drop-down for each blank.