CELPIP Speaking

Time Duration: 15-20 minutes

Celpip Speaking Section is having a maximum number of parts. As you will notice the time allocated for this section is just 20 minutes.

Task1: Giving Advice
Task2: Talking about a personal experience
Task 3: Describing a scene
Task 4: Making Prediction
Task 5: Comparing and persuading
Task 6: Dealing with a Difficult Situation
Task 7: Expressing opinion
Task 8: Describing an unusual situation

once you start the task,you will be given 30 seconds to read the instructions and prepare for your answer. Total time awarded for this task is 90 seconds. As indicated by the name of the task, “Giving Advice”, you will be asked to give advice to your friend, brother, sister or someone who is known to you. e.g you may be asked to give advice to your sibling to choose a good college in your province.

Talking about a personal experience means you will speak about some good or bad incident that you have experienced in the past. Again you will read the instruction carefully for 30 seconds and then speak for 60 seconds. You are generally asked what happened and most importantly why you remember that incident.

Describing a Scene task will provide you with a picture and you will speak to explain the components of the picture. You are expected to explain everything you can see in that picture. Your explanation should be detailed, so that a person who is listening to you, should have a good idea about that picture. You should talk about objects in the picture, their colour, their relevant positions etc. Total time speak for this task is 60 seconds and you will get 30 seconds to prepare for the task.

This is again a picture task, but it is different from the previous task in a way that instead of explaining the picture, you will predict the future outcome of the scene portrayed in that picture.Let’s take an example here, let’s see you see a picture with some kids doing dangerous stunts in a park. You will be asked to speak a possible outcome. Plan things in 30 second given to you to understand picture and speak for 60 seconds on the possible outcome of the same.

In this task, You may be given pictures of two houses, along with their price, location, covered area, and some other details. Now may be asked to speak to your family member and tell them about your choice and convince them by giving points in your favour. There are two interesting things about these sections, that makes it different from others. One is that you will get 60 seconds time to prepare, which is double as compared to others, secondly if you fail to choose one option, the computer will decide one for you.

Dealing with a difficult task, generally has three parties involved. You will be one of them and other parties may be your two friends, or relatives having some issue, which you will address, in order to resolve the .same.

Expressing Opinions is a simple task. You will express your views on the given issue. You will speak for 60 seconds after preparing for 30 seconds prior to recording. Question asked will be simple and straight and you will speak and give reasons to support your answer.

In this task, you will be given a very unusual picture to describe. Most of the student waste lot of time just trying to figure out the object in that picture.Best way to tackle this task is to start explaining this picture without wasting time on figuring it out because this task is planned in a way that most of the time pictures doesn’t make any sense at all.

This task is a bit longer, you will speak for 90 seconds, but you will get the same 30 seconds to prepare which I think is not sufficient time to work out any complicated and confusing pictures.