Ielts Coaching Centre In Chennai

Axis Language School is the best IELTS Coaching centre which is popular in India and all over the world. Currently, we offer training for IELTS using an online platform. As the world is progressing, technology is replacing traditional classroom settings. We ensure quality education by utilising technology and the courses are being delivered at the pace in which the candidate demands.  Axis Language School is a start-up firm with its branches all over the world. We aim to provide quality education for students and professionals who wish to study, work or migrate to an English speaking nation.

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Chennai, formerly known as Madras. Today, Chennai, the capital city is the 4th largest city of India and is also the leading commercial centre of South India. The name Chennai originates from the word Chinnupattanam.

We are the Best IELTS coaching centre providing Centre in Chennai.

General IELTS Reading       

The Reading section consists of 40 questions. This includes extracts from books, magazines, newspapers, notices, advertisements, company handbooks and guidelines. There are three sections. Section 1 may contain two or three short texts or several shorter texts. Section 2 comprises two texts. In Section 3, there is one long text. Duration of the reading test is 60 minutes for 40 questions. A variety of question types are used, chosen from the following: multiple choice, identifying information, identifying writer’s views, matching information, matching headings, matching features, matching sentence endings, sentence completion, summary completion, note completion, table completion, flow-chart completion, diagram label completion, short-answer questions. The first section, ‘social survival’, contains texts relevant to basic linguistic survival in English with tasks mainly about retrieving and providing general factual information, for example, notices, advertisements and timetables. The second section, ‘Workplace survival’, focuses on the workplace context, for example, job descriptions, contracts and staff development and training materials. The third section, ‘general reading’, involves reading more extended prose with a more complex structure. Here, the emphasis is on descriptive and instructive rather than argumentative texts, in a general context relevant to the wide range of test takers involved like newspapers, magazines and fictional and non-fictional book extracts. Candidates are required to transfer their answers to an answer sheet during the examination time allowed for the test. No extra time is allowed for transferring the answers to the answer sheet. Spelling mistakes will make the answer wrong. Each question is worth 1 mark.