Ielts Coaching Centre In Noida

Axis Language School is the best IELTS Coaching centre which is popular in India and all over the world. Currently, we offer training for IELTS using an online platform. As the world is progressing, technology is replacing traditional classroom settings. We ensure quality education by utilising technology and the courses are being delivered at the pace in which the candidate demands.  Axis Language School is a start-up firm with its branches all over the world. We aim to provide quality education for students and professionals who wish to study, work or migrate to an English speaking nation.

New Okhla Industrial Development Authority or Noida as it is commonly known is one of the most important cities of the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. We are the top leading IELTS coaching centre with very good notes and excellent faculty in Noida.

IELTS listening paper

Question type 5 – Sentence Completion

Sentence completion in which we have to read sentences that summarise important information from either all of the listening text or from part. We have to fill in a gap in each sentence using information from the recording. This type of question mainly focuses on our ability to identify the important information in a recording.

Question type 6 – Short Answer Questions

In this type of questions we have to write a short answer using information from the recording. This type of question mainly focuses our ability to listen for facts such as places, prices or times in the recording

IELTS speaking

This is a face to face interview between the candidate and an examiner. The speaking test is recorded fully. There are three parts for this test and each part follows a specific pattern in order to test your speaking ability in different ways. In IELTS speaking test, certified IELTS examiners assess speaking performance throughout the test based on assessment criteria such as fluency and coherence lexical resource, grammatical range and accuracy. Pronunciation fluency and coherence assess the usage of cohesive devices such as linking words pronunciation, conjunctions and so on. Lexical resource assess the range of a vocabulary used by you. In grammatical range and accuracy assess the range of grammar you use and how accurately and appropriately you use it. pronunciation assess your ability to speak in a way which can be understood without too much effort. Time duration for the IELTS speaking with the examiner is 11 to 14 minutes.