Oet Coaching Centre In Aluva

Axis Language School is the best OET Coaching centre which is popular in India and all over the world. Currently, we offer training for OET using an online platform. As the world is progressing, technology is replacing traditional classroom settings. We ensure quality education by utilising technology and the courses are being delivered at the pace in which the candidate demands.  Axis Language School is a start-up firm with its branches all over the world. We aim to provide quality education for students and professionals who wish to study, work or migrate to an English speaking nation.

Aluva is formerly known as Alwaye and also a region in Kochi Metropolitan Area of the Ernakulam district in Kerala, India. It is around 15 km from Kochi center. Aluva is located on the banks of River Periyar. Apart from that,Aluva is one of the major industrial centres of the state.We are the top leading OET coaching centre at Aluva.


      OET Scores

There are five OET scores category to understand the English proficiency level of the candidate such as A, B, C, D and E. In the category A, the individual shows a very High Level of Performance. In the case of B, the candidate shows a high Level of Performance, able to use English adequately for professional needs and C category shows that Good Level of Performance, but not acceptable to a range of health and medical councils. In D, Moderate Level of Performance, requires improvement and finally E for the candidates with Low Level of Performance, requires considerable improvement. International candidates need to score a minimum of B in all 4 papers in order to achieve the standard required by those regulatory bodies that recognise the OET’s validity. OET is available 14 times per year and can be taken at test venues around the world. The validity of this exam is 2 years. Many organisations, including hospitals, universities and colleges, are using OET as proof of efficiency to evaluate the healthcare candidate’s ability to communicate in healthcare field.

In OET preparation, first of all we have to understand the structure and format of the test. Every OET test is further divided into four categories such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening. There is also a huge important in the case of handwriting. It must be legible. No matter how good the essay and complete you write, if the examiner can’t read it well, the candidate is not going to pass the examination.