Oet Coaching Centre In Kollam

Axis Language School is the best OET Coaching centre which is popular in India and all over the world. Currently, we offer training for OET using an online platform. As the world is progressing, technology is replacing traditional classroom settings. We ensure quality education by utilising technology and the courses are being delivered at the pace in which the candidate demands.  Axis Language School is a start-up firm with its branches all over the world. We aim to provide quality education for students and professionals who wish to study, work or migrate to an English speaking nation.

Kollam is a southern district of Kerala and is located 70 km north of the state’s capital Thiruvananthapuram. We have best OET coaching centres in Kollam and all over Kerala.


OET Listening Section

With a total duration of 45 minutes, the Listening part consist of 42 questions divided into 3 parts. Candidates need to hear the recorded speech once and would be expected to answer the total duration of the exam would include dealing with topics of generic healthcare interests across all healthcare professions.

Part A in which the healthcare professionals would be required to identify specific information during a consultation. Candidates would be required to complete the health professional notes from listening to the two recorded health professional-patient consultations. Part B consist of the candidates would be required to listen to multiple recorded extracts that could range from team briefings, handovers, to health professional-patient dialogues and answer one multiple-choice question for each extract. In the second part, the candidate is tested on identifying details of short extracts from the healthcare workplace. Part C test consist of the third and final task of the Listening section would require candidates to listen to multiple recorded presentations or interviews on a range of accessible healthcare topics and answer multiple-choice questions for each extract.

OET Reading Section

OET Reading has a total duration of 60 minutes, the Reading section is made up of 42 questions, divided into 3 parts. Candidates need to answer the question of generic healthcare-related topics.Part A in which candidates would be required to read four short essays and locate specific information from the texts. The essays provided to the candidates would be related to general healthcare topics. The questions could vary from match the following, sentence completion to short answer questions.