Oet Coaching Centre In Wayanad

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OET Writing Task

The best of your ability on the Writing task, it is important to understand the task and the case notes and to plan your response so you can select the information only relevant to the reader. The five minutes of reading time at the start of the Writing sub-test is an opportunity for you to do this.Tasks for the Writing sub-test are designed so that the remaining 40 minutes is enough time for you to write a response of the required length and to check over what you have written. You can consult the task and the case notes at any point during the 40 minutes allocated for writing, not just during the reading time.Spelling, along with punctuation and grammar, is one of the aspects included under Language. Language is one of the six assessment criteria for the Writing sub-test. Any spelling mistakes you make will be taken account of in your score for Language.There is no automatic penalty for writing over or under the word range for the task. However, each task is designed to be achievable within that word range. If you have written significantly more, it is likely that you have included irrelevant material or your letter is not well organised. If you have written significantly less, you may have misunderstood the task or the case notes, or missed out important information. Scores based for the six assessment criteria for Writing and will reflect any weaknesses in those areas.