OET Listening


  • 3 parts
  • 42 questions
  • 40 minutes

Part A (Information and Advice

In Part A of the Listening Test of OET, you listen to 2 separate consultations (4 to 5 minutes long) and complete notes that follow the details of the consultation. You’ll have to fill 12 gaps for each consultation.

The consultations can be between a healthcare professional and a patient or with a relative of the patient, instead of the patient themselves. Most of the answers would come from the patient’s side.

Part B  (short workplace extracts)

You’ll listen to 6 different short recordings in a healthcare setting and answer one question about each recording.

Each recording will be from a different healthcare setting.

Part C (presentation extracts)

Part C assesses your ability to follow a recorded presentation or interview on a range of accessible healthcare topics. You will listen to two different extracts.There will be a total of 6 multiple-choice questions for each one

  • You will hear each recording once and are expected to write your answers while listening.