OET Reading


  • 3 parts
  • 42 questions
  • 60 minutes

The Reading 

Part A, a detailed Advice

You’ll be required to answer 20 questions on 4 separate texts.  The information in each of these texts will be on the same topic but can be presented in different ways including at least one that presents visual or tabular information, such as: a flow chart, table, or diagram, information in paragraphs and bullet-pointed lists etc.

There is a combined time of 45 minutes for Parts B and C.

Part B

In Reading Part B, you will have to read and comprehend 6 different extracts from documents giving background information for healthcare professionals, and answer one question about each extract. You should try to finish Part B in roughly 10 minutes to give yourself sufficient time for section C. This means you’ll have about 1.30 minutes to answer each question in Part B.

Reading Part C

There are two texts in Part C, and you’ll have to answer 8 questions based on each text. The texts can be articles published for a healthcare audience in a healthcare setting. They will not be specifically aimed at any one healthcare profession, and will use terminology that can be understood by any healthcare professional.

You should ideally spare 35 minutes to complete Part C of the test.