August 8, 2022

Reading Questions Tips

Matching headings to paragraphs

In this task you are given a list of headings which you have to match with the different paragraphs or sections of the text. There are always a couple of headings which you do not need to use. Each heading is basically a short summary of one of the paragraphs, so first you should try to identify the main idea of the paragraph. The main idea can be in the first, middle or last sentence. Then, compare this with the list of headings, and look for the one that has the most similar meaning.

Multiple choice

As the name suggests, these have three or four possible answers, and you have to choose the correct one. Sometimes it is a direct question, sometimes it is an incomplete statement. When answering multiple-choice questions, it’s better to focus just on the question at first, without looking at the options, and to try to find the answer yourself by looking at the passage Then, you can compare the answer you’ve found with the options and choose the one that you think is apt.The reason for not looking at the options at first is that you’ll have too much information in your head and it confuses you. focusing on the question means you only have one thing to think about and eliminate wrong answers first, so that you can reach correct answer.

True/False/Not Given” or “Yes/No/Not Given”

In these tasks you are given a number of statements and asked if they agree with the information in the passage, or with the writer’s views. If the statement agrees then the answer is ‘true’ or ‘yes’. It’s important to understand the difference between ‘false’ or ‘no’ on one hand, and ‘not given’ on the other, and this is something that candidates often find difficult. ‘False’ or ‘no’ means that the passage contradict the statement, or the writer’s opinion is the opposite of the statement; ‘not given’ means that given statement is not there in the paragraph.Make sure that you focus on what’s in the passage when you choose your answers, instead of relying on your own reasons.

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